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Partnering with individuals and businesses on their
journey of growth and profitability

• A company that has been very successful in the past but finds itself forced to adopt a new business model because the market has changed.

• An under performing company that needs to move to an acceptable level, or a company that has been pulled by the market to the next level of sales but has not developed its infrastructure to support the new growth.

• A family owned (or privately held) business where the owners are trying to develop an exit strategy and are, or have been, attempting to develop a transition plan to the children or others in the business, or position the business for sale.

• A company that has experienced historical growth, however, finds itself stymied at a plateau and does not have the resources or management complement to determine the roadmap to the next level of growth.

• A company that is in need of an outside perspective (catalyst) to fuel actions to capitalize on the opportunities to improve.

• A company that needs CEO/CFO skills on an interim basis or to develop the skill sets of existing staff.

What type of company would benefit from our services?

Your Challenges & How We Help

Your Challenges

  • Lack of shared vision

  • Management resources lacking

  • Poor Processes

  • Lack of urgency

  • Inability to focus

  • Not enough profits for growth

  • Sales and operations unbalanced

  • Lack of an exit strategy

Our Knowledge

  • Immersion into the business

  • Focus on results and profitability

  • Objective input to your decision making

  • Sustaining momentum

  • Outside perspective

  • A catalyst for change

  • Outside view in uncomfortable decisions

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