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Double your profits and scale an exceptional business that can run without you.

Our proven Value Journey Model will help you...


Accelerate profit growth

and business value, 

building wealth with an additional $1M of valuation.

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Get 25-50% of your time back

to focus your energy where it has the most value. Spend time with your family again!

Shaking Hands in the Office

Create a self-sufficient, transferable business

so you can exit own your own timeline - with options.

Stressed Man

What's keeping you awake at night?

Business owners tend to carry the full weight of their company's successes, failures and future on their shoulders. And trying to do it on your own can be overwhelming and isolating. 

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Underperforming business results

  • Lack of consistent cash flow to grow the business

  • Business value not at the level needed to retire/exit

  • Lack of a management team that can run the business without you

  • Lack of time to work on the business

  • Desire to exit your business in the next 2+ years and have no idea how to go about preparing for exit or the options available

This isn't pretty, but it is fixable.

REDI Transports' owner Crystal Cook shares how straight talk and a plan of action relieved her stress.   

Ready for a good night's sleep?

Business Meeting

Who are our clients?

If you own a B2B company between $3M - $30M in revenue and want to build long-term business value you can monetize when it's time to exit...we'd love to talk!


Right fit is about more than revenue size. We're selective about who we work with, and you should be, too. We'll be spending a lot of time together! Our team is excited to partner with business owners who are:

Committed to personal and professional development

Values-focused and mission-driven

Receptive to honest feedback (even when it hurts)

Ready to put in the work to make plans a reality

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Our Value Journey Services

We partner with you to drive results, doubling profits and creating a business that can run without you, while adding an additional $1M+ in business value growth. ​


Exit & Transition Planning

Nowhere is business more personal than with exit or transition planning. We’ll help you understand and plan for a successful exit—personally, financially and organizationally.

strategic planning meeting

Strategic Planning Services

Position your business for growth and profitability with strategic planning that leads to action and accountability. Our focus on follow-through ensures your team's success. 


Business Process Improvement Services

Process inefficiencies cost your business 20-30% in revenue.  Our approach aligns process, culture, and strategy, equipping your team to achieve goals and make an immediate impact.


Exit Planning Assessments

An expert, outside assessment of of your business, financial, and personal well-being can provide an objective perspective on what's working, what's not, and how to reach your goals.

How is it possible that 75% of owners regret their decision to sell the business just one year after they exit? The answer is, most owners fail to consider the practical and emotional factors that can lead to disappointment after an exit.  


Evaluate your preparedness to exit your business and ensure you leave your company with no regrets.

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Few consulting firms can offer the depth, understanding and expertise you’ll find with Journey Consulting.

When you partner with Journey, you'll find we're different than most consultants. Because we believe the best business strategies consider the whole picture, from high-level strategy to the smallest financial details, and especially the personal factors that affect the success of your business.


We’ll work by your side to understand what makes you tick—to learn about the business and leader you aspire to be—and together we’ll map out a business and financial strategy to help you get there.


We invite you to schedule a free 30 minute call and tell us your you got to where you are today, and what's weighing on your mind that led you to reach out. Or feel free to email our team at We look forward to connecting with you! 

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