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Business Exit Planning

Guidance to help you understand and plan for a successful business exit or transition.

Plan a smooth transition with a certified exit planning advisor from Journey Consulting.

As a business owner, exit or transition planning is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. But early, thorough business exit planning is critical to a successful strategy . That’s why we make sure you understand everything that goes into planning a successful exit—personally, financially and organizationally. 


As certified exit planning advisors, we’ll work with you to create a strategy for building value into your business, and an action plan that prepares you for a smooth transition. 

The ROI of Great Exit Planning

One client sold the business for 30% above valuation

Local company increased business unit revenue
4x working with Journey Consulting

Journey Consulting client saw 98% growth in 2 years

You don’t plan to work forever …
but do you know what’s next?

You’re not the only business owner to ask that question.


That’s why we’ve put together a quick series of videos to answer some of the most common questions business owners ask when they start thinking about making a transition.


In this free video series you’ll learn answers to 5 critical questions to consider before selling or transitioning your business:

  1. When to start thinking about your life after the business

  2. How to make sure you’re ready to make the transition

  3. How to get the business ready to succeed without you

  4. How to understand the actual value of your business (and how to maximize it)

  5. … and all the factors business owners often haven’t thought about as they begin to consider what retirement might look like

Good exit planning is good business strategy. And the better you understand it, the closer you’ll be to figuring out your next chapter, on your own terms.

Watch the video series.