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Strategic Planning Consulting Services

Position your business for growth and profitability with strategic planning that leads to action and accountability.

A strategic planning consultant with a focus on execution.

Too many strategic plans fail. Sometimes it’s because they’re incomplete. Or they fail to begin with a true understanding of the business. But most often, it’s in the execution—or the lack of it.


That’s why strategic planning consulting services from Journey Consulting are different. We’ll help you not only see the big picture, but understand the details, and carefully plan out how best to follow through on your strategy.


And we’ll check in with your team every 90 days to ensure accountability, make adjustments and stay focused on execution.


With Journey’s strategic planning services, you’ll come through the process with alignment on a strategic action plan and a clear roadmap for bringing your business goals from paper into reality.

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During the first 5-year plan, we successfully navigated a 30% growth in revenue while maintaining our target net margin.

"Prior to working with Jayne and Journey Consulting, we were a successful company with a tenure and growth problem. Journey Consulting helped us to understand not only the magnitude of the problems but also the potential the company had if we addressed them successfully.


Journey’s team helped us develop a 5-year plan to address the issues and to plan for sustainable, successful growth – as a business and as a management team.   

I can confidently recommend Journey Consulting as a great partner to help you examine, identify, and plan for the growth of your business. As an owner, working with Journey can help give you peace of mind about the business running itself so you can focus on opportunities and the future for the business." 

- Tim Van Wyk, President of Appleton Lathing Corporation

How our strategic planning consulting services work.

Our team will help you take a close look at your strategy, sales, operations, organizational structure and financial performance. Then, within a structured strategic planning workshop, we’ll work with you to:

  • Develop a vision, mission, and core values to guide the strategy and culture

  • Identify your current business model

  • Assess strengths, weaknesses, core issues and opportunities

  • Develop a future-state business model that forms the basis of your strategic plan

  • Create a strategic action plan, broken into 90-day sprints, to ensure execution on the plan


Many strategic planning consultants will help create a solid strategy. But the key to long-term profitability and success is how you execute on the plan. That’s what strategic planning services from Journey Consulting will help you achieve—an expert strategy with focused and accountable execution.

Are you looking for an experienced strategic planning advisor who delivers results?

Schedule your free initial consultation today to learn how Journey can help you build an actionable and accountable business strategy!

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