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What Our Clients Say

Client relationships and expertise are at the heart of our success in business management consulting!

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Jayne has a broad range of expertise...She understands business - the ups and downs we face and small business owner mentality. 

"I thought exit planning was going to be easy! In my mind, it was a very simple process, especially because I’d already identified someone internally to be my successor. He’d pay me some money and take the company. I’d help out for a little bit and retire. But that wasn't the case.  


When I met Jayne and started working with Journey Consulting, I wasn't looking at the transition and my company as a buyer, I was looking at it as a seller. Jayne helped figure out that my ideas are different than what a buyer's ideas are. That was really eye opening. 

If you've never worked with someone like Jayne and Journey Consulting to help with any kind of business transition or succession or growth, you need to start now. Business owners are very focused. We're very much in tune with what we want to do, and we don't always look outside the lines. You need somebody to help you look outside the box and just ask the questions. What if? What do you think? That has helped me a lot within this whole process."


- Todd Benz, Owner/President of One Source Technologies, Inc.

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During the first 5-year plan, we successfully navigated a 30% growth in revenue while maintaining our target net margin.

"Prior to working with Jayne and Journey Consulting, we were a successful company with a tenure and growth problem. Journey Consulting helped us to understand not only the magnitude of the problems but also the potential the company had if we addressed them successfully.


Journey’s team helped us develop a 5-year plan to address the issues and to plan for sustainable, successful growth – as a business and as a management team.   

I can confidently recommend Journey Consulting as a great partner to help you examine, identify, and plan for the growth of your business. As an owner, working with Journey can help give you peace of mind about the business running itself so you can focus on opportunities and the future for the business." 

- Tim Van Wyk, President of Appleton Lathing Corporation

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We needed a major reset, and we needed it immediately. I left our very first meeting feeling like I could sleep that night.

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Watch Crystal's video "Now Our Future Looks Very Bright"

"When I stepped into the family business, I had little to no business experience. I was fortunate enough to meet Jayne and her team at Journey Consulting at exactly the right moment. 

Not only did Journey assist us in restructuring our pricing, sorting out our finances, and establishing a strategic plan for future growth, they also coached us on communicating with our customers, our employees, and each other to ensure that we were establishing clear expectations moving forward. 


Since then, Journey Consulting has become one of our most intimate and trusted partners. They are an extension of our business, and will continue to be, as we continue to develop our financial acumen, our strategic growth plan, and our future succession plans. " 


- Crystal Cook, Owner/President of REDI Transports

UPDATE: Crystal celebrated the purchase of REDI Transports from the founders in 2023!

Are you looking for a trusted partner with the expertise to help you reach your goals?

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Journey Consulting is a highly regarded firm for all the right reasons. 

"Jayne and I have worked together on various projects together for over 10 years. She is incredibly insightful, professional, and knowledgeable. She is also one of few I come across that is willing to be candid and direct with her advice, which is greatly appreciated by my clients. She tells people what they NEED to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. 

We have worked with some of the same companies, and she has also proved invaluable to me in the running of my own business. I value her and never hesitate to recommend her and Journey Consulting to my clients.


- Diane Biersteker, Executive HR Consultant/Company Founder of Human Resources Consulting

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I’ve come to realize that the ability to grow the business and sustain the culture is something which is not only accomplishable, but completely within my control.


"We're a bunch of engineers that like to solve problems and create more problems while we're solving problems. Jayne helped us navigate through a dreadfully painful process - it’s taken us a long time to recognize that the way we are doing things is what’s preventing us from being able to scale and grow. We're now acting on things that were very evident from the outside looking in, but not recognized by the ways we were managing things internally.

If you're looking to get an honest understanding of where your business is at, even if it's not necessarily what you want to hear, Journey Consulting will give you that feedback and partner in helping grow your business through the engagement. They’ve brought diversity in the thought process and the approach. We've enjoyed the partnership to date and the results speak for themselves." 


- Terry Brei, President & Customer Smile Champion of Sure Controls, Inc.

UPDATE: Three years into his engagement with Journey Consulting, Terry is focused on strategically growing the business, developing his team, and excited about his company’s future! 

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Journey Consulting's hands-on approach and coaching has helped me to achieve a new level of personal and business success! 

"Our business was at a level where we needed to grow and didn’t have the structure or processes to move to the next level. Journey Consulting provided us with a thorough assessment of our current state, provided recommendations as to next steps, and then helped us achieve the results.


We were able to restructure our organization, fill talent gaps, and improve processes throughout. We grew sales, completed an acquisition, and now have a management team in place that has allowed me to focus on the future and vision of the business, where I am most valuable." 

- Stan, President/Owner

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Working with Journey Consulting...

the mentoring, business advice, and Jayne’s influence have made a major impact across all levels of our operations.

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"An article Jayne wrote for a local business newspaper resonated with me and inspired me to call her to set up a meeting. I knew the future of my transition into the next phase of my life was sneaking up on me quickly. I also knew that I would need direction and guidance in order to maximize a return on the investment of all the years of hard work growing the business.   


To her credit, Jayne and her team have provided that direction, guidance and even more than that...a business relationship that equates to friendship. My decision to work with Jayne and Journey Consulting has proven to be a win-win!" 


- Ed Turek, Owner/President of Tureks Plumbing Services

UPDATE: By training and elevating key employees to lead the organization, Ed is now removed from daily operations and has the freedom to focus his energy where it has the most value.  

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