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Case Study: Sure Controls Inc.

"If you're looking to get an honest understanding of where your business is at, even if it's not necessarily what you want to hear, Journey Consulting will give you that feedback and partner in helping grow your business through the engagement. They’ve brought diversity in the thought process and the approach. We've enjoyed the partnership to date and the results speak for themselves." 

- Terry Brei, President of Sure Controls Inc.

Journey Consulting | Business Assessments Strategic Planning Services Client Testimonial

Sure Controls Inc. empowers world-class manufacturing through innovative automation products and solutions focusing on Web Handling, Thermal & Fluid Process, and Robotics. Midwestern manufacturers rely on Sure Controls to provide innovative solutions to keep their manufacturing businesses running, growing, advancing, and smiling. Located in Greenville, WI

Terry Brei took ownership of Sure Controls Inc. in 2018 and quickly discovered the inner workings of the company he'd been groomed to take over fell short of his initial expectations. He was immediately consumed with working IN the business instead of ON the business.

Before Working with Journey

Terry was consumed with working in the business instead of on strategic priorities

High concentration with one customer which put the business at risk

Inexperienced leadership team was impacting business performance

Systems and processes that weren’t scalable, limiting capacity for growth

How We Achieved Results

Evaluated, restructured, and repositioned the business model to align with the vision

Coached up or out team members who were not aligned with the core values of the business 

Developed standardized systems/processes allowing Terry to focus on the business

Diversified customer base and profitability of product and service offerings 

Hired a sales manager to free Terry from selling

Value Journey Results - Sure Controls Inc.

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33% Revenue Growth

39% Increase in Gross Profit

76% Increase in Net Income

$4M+ Increase in Business Value

Three years into his engagement with Journey Consulting, Terry is focused on strategically growing the business, developing his team, and excited about his company’s future!

Journey Consulting | Business Assessments Strategic Planning Services Client Testimonial


President & Customer Smile Champion of Sure Controls Inc.

Partnering with Journey Consulting

“We're a bunch of engineers that like to solve problems and create more problems while we're solving problems. Our team didn't even realize what we didn't know when we started working with Journey Consulting. Jayne helped us navigate through a dreadfully painful process - it’s taken us a long time to recognize that the way we are doing things is what’s preventing us from being able to scale and grow.


We're now acting on things that were very evident from the outside looking in, but not recognized by the ways we were managing things internally.


It’s a new, exciting phase that I'm actually becoming energized by. The value of the business is trending in a favorable direction. I get inquiries to sell multiple times a week. We're in a growth market, and when we make the right decisions and strategic investments, those are going to continue to add value to the bottom line. 

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