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Trusted Partners on Your Journey

We achieve results with you and through you by never losing sight of the success of the business to provide profits, jobs, and long-term sustainability.

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Journey Consulting is a highly regarded consulting firm for all the right reasons. 

"Jayne and I have worked together on various projects together for over 10 years. She is incredibly insightful, professional, and knowledgeable. She tells people what they NEED to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. 

We have worked with some of the same companies, and Jayne has also proved invaluable to me in the running of my own business. I value her and never hesitate to recommend her and Journey Consulting to my clients."

- Diane Biersteker, Executive HR Consultant/Company Founder of Human Resources Consulting, LLC

Jayne McQuillan founded Journey Consulting in 2007 with one goal in mind - to Change Lives by Transforming Businesses. Our firm works with owners of privately held and family businesses, providing expert guidance in strategic planning, exit and succession planning, business value growth, financial expertise, and organizational improvement. 

Helping owners who have pursued their dreams by taking the risks, both personally and financially, drives our passion.

Journey's unique approach engages the business, financial, and personal to achieve strategic outcomes and prepare you for the next chapter, or an unplanned exit.  Our guiding principles and holistic approach in our business planning services differentiate us in the field of business management consulting, and even from other Certified Exit Planning Advisors. 

B2B businesses in Manufacturing, Construction, and Service industries with $3 to $30M in revenue are our sweet spot. Our clients value straight talk, responsiveness, and integrity - and we are honored to be the trusted partners on their journey. Contact us today to take the first step.

Journey Consulting | Jayne McQuillan Certified Exit Planning Advisor
Jayne McQuillan CPA, CEPA, MBA President

"What gets me up in the morning on good days and bad is being passionate about business and people.  I learned throughout my career that the role of the business owner is complex.  It provides freedom, control, the ability to set and achieve goals both personally and professionally, flexibility, and hopefully personal wealth that provides long-term security.  However, this doesn’t come without stress, uncertainty, and many times, feelings of being alone or on an island without a life raft.   


Helping business owners be successful and achieve their goals brings a smile to my face, a warmth in my heart and a feeling that I have had an impact on making life better – for the business owner and their employees."   

Guiding Principles - Mission,Vision, Values

Guiding Principles 

Our Mission 

Change lives by transforming businesses – using a holistic process that engages the business, financial and personal to achieve strategic outcomes for family owned and privately held businesses.   

Our Vision 

To be the thought leader in business value growth and succession planning.

Our Values 

Transparency:  Open/honest and willing to have difficult conversations 

Partnership:  Invested in each other’s success 

Responsiveness:  Being available to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, partners, and team 


Integrity:  Doing the right thing when no one is looking 


Growth & Development:  Continuous investment and development in our team and clients 


Critical Thinking:  Engaging ideas, perspectives, and knowledge to formulate solutions

Certifications and Memberships

Journey Consulting | ESOP Private Directors Association
Journey Consulting | Certified Exit Planning Advisor Jayne McQuillan
Journey Consulting | Exit Planing Institute
Journey Consulting | Private Company Governance

Take the first step in your Value Journey

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