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Case Study: Tureks Plumbing Services

"Jayne and her team have provided direction, guidance and, even more than that...a business relationship that equates to friendship."

- Ed Turek, Owner/President of Tureks Plumbing Services

Journey Consulting | Exit Strategy Consulting Client Testimonial

“Terrific People, Terrific Service” is more than just words, it is the essence of who we are and what we do for our clients at Tureks Plumbing. We have a terrific staff and we provide terrific plumbing, remodeling and drain and sewer rehabilitation service for our clients, which they expect and deserve.

From our first meeting it was clear that Ed was running a solid business. He was innovative in his industry and knew how to market the company's services to differentiate Tureks Plumbing from competitors. Why call Journey Consulting? Ed wanted to go from good to great and position himself and the business for exit.

Before Working with Journey

​​The business value was not where Ed needed it to be to retire

Ed was overly involved due to few replicable processes, procedures and systems

There was no leadership team to help drive results and make decisions

No strategy in place to scale the business and free Ed up to work ON the business

How We Achieved Results

Identified the profitability of each of the company's three service offerings

Established a mission, vision, and values to align and drive organizational culture

Empowered and trained key team members to drive results

Developed a strategic plan that aligned activities to drive growth & profitability, and build business value.

Developed and documented standardized processes that streamlined workflows and increased capacity

Value Journey Results - Tureks Plumbing Services

Journey Logo graphic only (1).png

45% Revenue Growth

47.5% Increase in Gross Profit

EBITDA Multiple Grew 2.8X

178% Increase in Business Value

Four years into his engagement with Journey Consulting, Ed is removed from daily operations and has the freedom to focus his energy where it brings the most value. 

Ed is confident, knowing he's built a value-based, transferable business that will ensure he has options when he's ready to exit. Now that's going from good to GREAT!

Journey Consulting | Exit Strategy Consulting Client Testimonial


Owner/President of

Tureks Plumbing Services

Serving Appleton, WI and the Fox Valley

Partnering with Journey Consulting

Tureks Plumbing was started with a huge determination to succeed. The growth and success we have acquired over the course of our business timeline has always been fueled by mentors and advisors both in and out of our industry.


An article Jayne wrote for a local business newspaper resonated with me and inspired me to call her to set up a meeting. I knew the future of my transition into the next phase of my life was sneaking up on me quickly. I also knew that I would need direction and guidance in order to maximize a return on the investment of all the years of hard work growing the business.  


Over the course of a few years in meeting and working with Journey Consulting’s team, the mentoring, business advice and Jayne’s influence have made a major impact across all levels of our operations. This has become very evident in the desire of the employees of the company to help us grow and succeed.  


All of this is a direct result of working with Jayne and her team at Journey decision has proven to be a win-win!” 

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