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Case Study: REDI Transports

"Journey Consulting has become one of our most intimate and trusted partners. They are an extension of our business, and will continue to be, as we continue to develop our financial acumen, our strategic growth plan, and our future succession plans." 

- Crystal Cook, Owner/President of REDI Transports

Journey Consulting | Exit Strategy Planning Client Case Study

REDI Transports is the leading provider of behavioral health and prisoner transport services throughout the Midwest. Located in Green Bay, WI

We met Crystal Cook and her parents, the "founders," when REDI Transports was going through major changes as they planned for a transition of ownership. They were all suffering from sleepless nights.

Before Working with Journey

​​The business was underperforming and barely making payroll

Founders' daughter was brought in to run the company with no business background

Founders were running the business as a personal checking account

The leadership team was dysfunctional, causing conflicts and poor performance

How We Achieved Results

Identified personal, financial, and business goals and gaps for successful transition

Discovered immediate opportunities to increase cash flow, gross profit and net income 

Implemented accurate financial reporting

Analyzed contracts - identified unprofitable customers and replaced with profitable ones 

Equipped the team with information and tools to make solid business decisions 

Developed and executed a strategic plan for business value growth and ownership transition

Value Journey Results - REDI Transports

Journey Logo graphic only (1).png

Built up $175,000 in the bank in 12 months

$1.2M increase in Business Valuation in 4 years

Successfully transitioned to 2nd generation owner

Negotiated a new 3-year contract with their largest customer resulting in a 10% gross profit increase. 

Developed leadership team, putting the right people in the right seats resulting in increased trust, collaboration, accountability, and execution. 

After several years of exit and strategic planning, Crystal celebrated the purchase of REDI Transports in 2023!

This successful transition enabled the founders to achieve their desired retirement and provided a growing business for Crystal to build her own future exit strategy.

Journey Consulting | Exit Strategy Planning Client Testimonial Family Business


Owner/President of REDI Transports

Partnering with Journey Consulting

“When I stepped into the family business, I had little to no business experience.  I was fortunate enough to meet Jayne and her team at Journey consulting at exactly the right moment.  We needed a major reset, and we needed it immediately. 


Not only did Journey assist us in restructuring our pricing, sorting out our finances, and establishing a strategic plan for future growth, they also coached us on communicating with our customers, our employees, and each other to ensure that we were establishing clear expectations moving forward. 


I’m proud of our business relationship and the gains we’ve made as a result, but personally, I am grateful for the relationship we have with Journey Consulting.  They are truly committed to our success and that gives me a priceless peace of mind.” 

Crystal Cook Testimonial OUR FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT.jpg

Working with Journey Consulting helped Crystal Cook move from uncertainty to confidence in her company's direction and future!

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