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Does your business still run

if you're not there?

Free assessment: get a pulse on your business health,
value and exit readiness.

No, I don’t mean “stay in business,” I mean really run. Efficiently. No hiccups. Where you can take two weeks away and:

             •  No one calls you to fix urgent issues

              •  You’re not fielding emails from customers

              •  It’s not still you putting out the fires

              •  You don’t have to be the one making sure the work gets done right

Sound like a dream? For so many business owners, that’s just what running a business means—that you have to be always on, always connected, and without you things fall apart.


The problem is, that’s not sustainable. And it’s not likely what you want. Not for yourself, and not for your business.

A business that depends on you

is one you can’t retire from.

There will come a day—or maybe it’s already here—that you’ll want to take a step back. Slow the pace. Maybe even retire. But the more your business depends on you being there—to operate smoothly, to make the decisions, to grow the profits—the harder it is for you to take that next step.


If you’re a business owner in that kind of situation, it can feel like you’re stuck. It’s hard to even know where to start to untangle yourself from all the day-to-day operations, issues and conversations that rely so squarely on you.


But there’s a way to get through it. And the first step is understanding where you are.

Free assessment: get a pulse on your business health,
value and exit readiness.


If you ever want to hang it up, you need to know your business will be ready for it. That’s why we’re offering you a free (for a limited time) Business Health Check. It’s a quick call with our team to help you:

  • Understand 4 key factors that determine the health of your business—apart from you

  • Uncover where your business succeeds, where you can improve, and gaps you need to address

  • Demystify exit planning, what it really is, and why you need to make it part of your business strategy


You’ll gain the insight to start drawing a road map to a more profitable, more valuable, less you-dependent company. And you’ll discover how far you might really be from being able to write your own next chapter … on your own terms.

Business health check

One of the biggest eye-openers was the question, ‘What are you going to do after this?’ For most business owners, your business becomes your identity. Journey got me to confront the hard question: ‘Who am I if not this?’ Now I’ve got a road map for what comes next, and I can rest easy knowing we have a plan.

—  Lynn, Business Owner

83% of business owners don’t have a transition plan or haven’t documented it.


If you’re ready to go from “I’m not sure how to fix this” to “I’m so excited to see what’s next,” sign up for your free Business Health Check now.

Learn more about exit planning and building business value

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