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Case Study: CB&A

"From start to finish, Journey Consulting made the deal come true."

- Charlene Blohm, former CEO & President of CB&A

Journey Consulting | Exit Strategy Planning Services Client Testimonial

CB&A, A FINN Partners Company, is the most experienced marketing communications agency specializing in the U.S. education market. CB&A accelerates the growth of companies that provide products and services to K-12 school systems and higher education institutions. We believe that by accelerating our clients’ growth, we are contributing to positive outcomes for students and educators. We want to reach every student in the U.S. 

When Jayne met Charlene Blohm at an entrepreneur group event, her hunger to learn and grow was evident. Charlene was already running a great company, and she was eager to further position herself and her business to achieve her goal of exiting CB&A in 2-3 years.

Before Working with Journey

There was no outside business evaluation

Charlene had reduced her involvement in day-to-day operations and was looking to offboard more tasks

Not all business systems and processes were fully documented.

Key metrics were being tracked and managed, but the team didn't know where to focus to drive value

How We Achieved Results

Performed a business valuation to set a baseline of business value and establish key areas of improvement

Worked with Charlene to empower and train next-level leaders to grow the organization and drive results

Developed and documented standardized processes and workflows for remaining areas of the business

Implemented trailing 12-month financial metrics to focus on business value growth

Grew team confidence, allowing Charlene to take a month-long business and personal trip out of the country.

Value Journey Results - CB&A

Journey Logo graphic only (1).png

128% Increase in Business Value in 2.5 Years

65% Revenue Growth

45% EBITDA Growth

In 2023, CB&A sold for a 6.5x Multiple!

The next level leaders became a critical component of the acquisition allowing Charlene an easy transition.

Charlene is staying on with the buyer for a brief period, ensuring a successful transition.  

By focusing on building value and strategically positioning herself to exit on her own terms, Charlene can now focus on her family and enjoy the fruits of her labor!

Journey Consulting | Exit Strategy Planning Services Client Testimonial


Senior Partner of

CB&A, A FINN Partners Company

Former CEO & President of CB&A

Partnering with Journey Consulting

From start to finish, Journey Consulting made the deal come true. We kicked off with an easy-to-follow evaluation process, which was so helpful in evaluating options later.


We had more than 20 years of benchmarks and metrics, and Jayne McQuillan helped us figure out where to focus, offering tangible tips on how to move the numbers as needed.


Jayne knew our numbers cold, and I was glad to have her with me during interviews with prospective buyers all the way through evaluation of the bids received and final purchase agreement.


I greatly appreciate the support of both Jayne and Brenda at each step along our shared journey.” 

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