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We partner with you to achieve your personal and business goals and objectives.  We listen first to define your needs and then determine the best course of action to achieve your desired outcomes.

Strategic and buiness planning
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Strategy

Strategic and Business Planning and Execution

Strategically positioning a business for growth and profitability requires planning and focused execution.

Journey Consulting begins with performing a baseline business assessment that identifies the current state of the business, including strategy, sales, operations, organizational structure, and financial performance.  This assessment is the baseline from which to build future strategy.  Our strategic process works with leadership to identify the current business model, assess the strengths, uncover the weaknesses, and identify the core issues and opportunities. This is then used to develop a future state business model that forms the foundation of the strategic plan. The key, however, is the execution of the action plans required to achieve long-term profitability and success. This is where the process creates accountability and maximum results.
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Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Exit Planing

Exit and Transition Planning

You’ve grown your business over many years and now it’s time to move to the next chapter.

Journey Consulting works with business owners to assess their personal, financial and business readiness for an exit.   This assessment is then used to build action plans to prepare the business owner and the business for an exit.  Exit planning is just good business strategy.  When you focus on building business value,  the timing of an exit becomes irrelevant. 

This is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make as a business owner. Taking the time to evaluate your readiness, the readiness of the business, and next steps are critical to making the process a success. 

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Succession and Transition Planning
Business Financial Planning
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Business and Financial Planning

Business Financial Planning

Financial information is critical to planning and decision-making. Many organizations have limited understanding of the tools available and how to use them to improve their performance and profitability.

Journey Consulting, with it’s extensive experience in working with small and midsize companies, provides hands on development of financial plans, training on how to develop and implement, and most importantly, how to use as a decision making tool. Cash and other financial metrics have always been important, but never as important as they are today in the ever changing environment and markets in which we operate. A company’s ability to understand, plan, and utilize the information available provides a competitive advantage. Contact us for more information.

Corporate Turnarounds
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Corporate Turnarounds

Corporate Turnarounds

The financial results are not what you had hoped, your bank is questioning renewing your lending arrangements, the market has changed, and the slope is all downhill.

Journey Consulting works with owners and leadership to stop the bleeding, identify potential changes in the business model, facilitates the development and execution of a plan to right the ship, and/or assists in determining an alternative option for the business.

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Merges and Acquisitions
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

The growth that you've had over the last several years has come organically, but to get where you want to go, acquiring or merging with another entity is what needs to happen.

Journey Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to help you through due diligence and integration of this new entity and to make sure that the price you pay and the results you anticipate can be realized.

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Operational Improvement
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Operational Improvement

Operational Improvement

Continuous operational improvement is the key to reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Processes need to be reviewed and improved and employees need to be informed, engaged and empowered.

Journey Consulting works to develop improved process flow through:

  • Process mapping

  • Development of metrics to track performance

  • Communication to educate, train and engage employees to continuously improve

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organizational Alignment
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Organizatioal Alignment

Organizational Alignment

Organizational alignment insures senior management teams share the same vision and strategy to achieve agreed upon goals.

Journey Consulting works to develop organizational alignment through improving the quality of communication, which facilitates a common focus for decision-making, problem solving and planning. As a result - leadership, teams and individuals are positioned to achieve profitability and success.

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executve Management and team coaching
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Executive, management and team coaching

Executive, Management and Team Coaching

Business success is based on strategically obtaining, developing and retaining talent. This requires leadership with the skill-set to adapt, change and develop high performing teams.

Journey Consulting provides individual and team development to break down barriers and create alignment among leadership. Success of the team is based on the support and success of the individuals. The result is efficient and effective communication among all levels.

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Performance Management
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Performance Management

Performance Management

Getting more out of the resources that you have is an ongoing challenge for organizations. Are you getting the most out of your talent investment? Are you developing their skills to increase your company’s return? How do you know? Are you training, developing and retaining your people?

Journey Consulting works with organizations to develop a coaching plan. The plan provides continuous improvement through set goals, objectives and action plans. Technical, interpersonal and leadership skills are developed in order to maximize your resource investment. Aligning the employee’s values with the organizations values is the first step in the process.

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interim and Part time CEO/CFO
Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Interim or Part time CEO/CFO

Interim or Part Time CEO/CFO

Many small and mid-size companies need executive and leadership expertise on an interim basis.

Journey Consulting has over 50 years of experience in executive leadership positions and can quickly step in to fill a leadership gap in either a CEO or CFO capacity.

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