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Nurture Success

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Business Consultant

In business today it is not enough to do a "good" job. Competition, the economy, and the business atmosphere in general demands that we look for new and original concepts for success. Whether it be a new product, service or sales pitch, the essence of looking for new opportunities to be successful comes from nurturing.

Nurturing is the key to finding out what is needed. When you nurture your relationships, customers, employees and partners, things become clearer as to what needs they have in order to do their business better.

For example, at the end of every telephone call or face to face visit with a customer, do your people ask, "what else may we help you with in order to make your business grow?" If not, start today.

If you're in a production business, what are your employees telling you that would assist them in turning out a better product?

And, if you're in a service business, do your customers know that they can count on you and yours to assist in carrying the day for their business?

Last but not least, do your employees know how much you are listening to them so they can be the best they can be?

Nurturing, the essence of success in every corner in every way. Begin today and feel the results....

Jayne McQuillan, CPA, MBA, CEPA is a strategic management consultant, and the owner of Journey Consulting, LLC, in Green Bay

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