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Moms...Lead at the Top Level and on the Front Lines

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Journey Consulting Green Bay WI Business Consultant

Although we just celebrated Mother's Day, this applies to dads as well, and we don't want to leave you out!

As a mother of 3, I know I am a leader, making a difference where I am, every day.  I think like most every mom, we sometimes wonder how our daily interactions, our coaching, our disciplining, and our decisions will mold and shape those dearest to us, our children. Leadership is influence, and moms influence their families in ways both large and small.  Moms are both front line supervisors and top level executives.

As front line supervisors, moms set the tone and shape attitude in their families.  We all know the saying, "If mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  The mood that we have when we get up in the morning can, and most often does, affect our children and can change the entire tone of the day.  If I match their grumpy and raise with my own cranky, we all fall apart.  But when I start the day well, everything - from getting out the door to school and work to getting through the nighttime activities - goes more smoothly.

In a top level executive role, moms create culture in their families.  What kind of family do you have?  We have an on the go, active, kind of family.  However, we enjoy weekend movies and pizza.  Every family is different, with culture shaped on purpose or along the way. As a top level executive, mom's influence the values and the behaviors of the family and set the tone for expectations and performance.  

Our decision making covers a myriad of daily and long-reaching impact items. What's for dinner tonight? Can I join the basketball team? Go out with my friends for the night? Apply to college out of state? Even the most routine decisions can have long lasting consequences. 

As my children get older, I realize that there have been many decisions along the way that have been both good and not so good.  I can't say they've been bad, because we have all learned and grown from the decisions that were made and no bodily harm was caused. 

With our oldest daughter completing her junior year in college, our second daughter completing her freshmen year in college, and our son completing his junior year in high school, the influence we have had on our children begins to be demonstrated by their own actions.  Were the values, behaviors, and expectations that were both set and lived on a daily basis embraced by our children?  Have they been coached along the way to be independent, responsible, caring adults?  Has the leadership and front-line supervision helped shape them into the people we have hoped they would become?

Never is your leadership more directly felt than with the children that call you "Mom."  Keep in mind that every day that you get out of bed, you have a choice as a leader to create the culture you want for your children and your employees. 

As mom's we all have a very big responsibility to be the best leaders we can be.  We practice every day in our own homes.    

Thank you moms for all you do to grow the future-and for translating those skills to your day job.

Jayne McQuillan, CPA, MBA, CEPA is a strategic management consultant, and the owner of Journey Consulting, LLC, in Green Bay

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