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Business Valuation Services

A business valuation from a certified valuation analyst—so you can appropriately plan for value growth or an exit.

Certified business valuation consultants to help you make informed business decisions.

Business valuation is more than numbers. It’s assets, earnings and profits along with the external forces, and market drivers that affect long-term value. A good business valuation consultant will help you see the full picture—where your value really comes from, risks to that value, and opportunities to maximize it. And then deliver the insight to make strategic decisions that remove obstacles and improve your ability to reach your business goals.

With business valuation services from Journey Consulting, you’ll have a partner in navigating and understanding all the complexities of business valuation. And you’ll have a guide to help you act on that intelligence for the good of your business.

Are you ready for your business valuation?

Get in touch with us today to speak with a certified valuation analyst—so you can appropriately plan for value growth or an exit.

A business valuation firm who’s seen it all.

Whether you’re preparing for a sale or planning for succession,  a certified business valuation builds the foundation for good decision-making. Journey Consulting provides business valuation services to help you:


  • Set a baseline value for the business

  • Develop a strategy to improve profitability and increase the value of the business for an exit strategy

  • Evaluate an offer and negotiate a strategic sale of a business

  • Navigate shareholder or partnership investments or buyouts


The team at Journey Consulting brings extensive valuation experience with businesses like yours, in just about every scenario you might be facing. Together, we’ll help you see the whole picture.

95% of M&A professionals indicated that the owners’ “overestimation of value” was the No. 1 factor in failed deals.

Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors Study


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